Cecilia and Christina in the field


Civil Engineering, with specialization in Mining and Geotechnical Engineering

CodeNameECTSSp 1Sp 2Sp 3Sp 4
T7001B Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics 7.5 X      
T7008B Open Pit and Underground Mining 7.5 X      
D7004B Operation and Maintenance Engineering 7.5 X      
T7006B Applied Blasting 7.5 X      
D7001B Mine Automation 7.5   X    
G7003B Environmental Geotechnics 7.5   X    
G7004B Dam II - Dam and Dam Safety 7.5   X    
T7011B Mining Economy and Risk Evaluation 7.5   X    
G7007B Advanced dam design 7.5   X    
T7007B Advanced Rock Mechanics 7.5   X    
T7018B Mine development - Project course 7.5   X    
T7002B  Design of Rock Constructions 7.5     X  
T7013B  Production Planning 7.5     X  
D7002B  Production Equipment Management 7.5       X
G7001B  Road and Railway Engineering 7.5       X
G7006B Foundation Engineering 7.5       X
T7020B Applied Rock Mechanics 7.5       X
G7008B  Soil Mechanics, Advanced Course 7.5       X
T7007B  Advanced Rock Mechanics 7.5       X
T7012B  Simulation Methods 7.5       X
X7001B  Thesis 30     X X



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